The PygmyThe Pygmy

The Pygmy

Medium Roast: The Pygmy comes from a single-estate in the Salgar Antioquia, Columbia region.  This micro-lot farm, known as San Diego, only produces 9000 kilos per year. This rare find does not disappoint. Sebastian’s attention to detail shows in the cup: sweet floral notes of lemongrass, citrus and a nutty brown sugar.

Screaming GoatScreaming Goat

Screaming Goat

Breakfast Blend: The Sun starts to rise and you are in a deep sleep… all you hear from the top of a hill is a screaming goat’s bleat somewhere down in the valley… but WAKE UP: your alarm clock blares before you hit the snooze. As you drift off once more, the goat reappears: dressed as a Coffee Fairy. He SCREAMS, then offers you a large, warm cup of joe. As you wake up again, you realize it’s time to start the day with some Screaming Goat Breakfast Blend.

The LegendThe Legend

The Legend

of Kaldi

House Blend: We pay homage to Kaldi, the famous goat-herder, with this delicate blend of Ethiopian and Central American beans. Just like the goats that discovered the coffee bean, this blend gets you dancing through your morning.

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Our philosophy is simple: work directly with micro-lot coffee growers from around the world, buy only the highest grade high-altitude coffees, and pay these families of growers a price that ensures they continue to enrich their lives through their work. We small-batch-roast these beans when you order, to ensure you get the freshest cup of coffee directly from the farm.

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Our clients say


Angela from San Antonio

Fainting Goat coffee actually makes me mad. I thought Starbucks was the standard… I didn’t even know what Ethiopian coffee was. Thank you Fainting Goat, for changing me, and making me a Happy Herder. It’s some of the best coffee I have ever had.

Spencer from Plano

Every Goat coffee is good. Every Goat coffee is affordable. Long live the Goat.

Kira from Dallas

There isn’t another comparable coffee for me anymore. I wish every restaurant in Dallas served this Screaming Goat-blend coffee, and I am probably going to like, keep some in my purse and ask the waiter if they can brew it instead of theirs!

Jared from Richardson

I used to only consider Folger’s or K-cups for my morning coffee… But ever since I found and drank the, “Pygmy,” blend from Fainting Goat… game over! It’s like, exactly the flavor and brighten up your morning-type of coffee I’ve always wanted. I’ve already ordered some of their other blends. Fainting Goat saved my coffee life!


The Goat Herder