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  • Arapawa

    Dark Roast: We like to say that Arapawa is the older brother to Pygmy. This bean comes from the same micro-lot farm as the Pygmy, but we extend the ...
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  • Bucklings

    Light Medium Roast: Bucklings is a mild-bodied Colombian that contains lemongrass and citrus-tasting notes, with hints of nutty chocolate.
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  • Pygmy

    Medium Roast: The Pygmy comes from a single-estate in the Salgar Antioquia, Colombia region.  This micro-lot farm, known as San Diego, only produces ...
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  • Tribe Reserve

    Medium Dark Roast:  The Tribe Reserve is a collaboration of 11 small, micro-lot farms that banned together for the well-being of each other. This ...
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